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Located just off the A41, between Aylesbury and Bicester, our garden nursery stocks a good range of high quality plants. We are open from 8am until 4pm, Monday to Friday and invite you to come and explore our seasonal range of plants for all aspects, spaces and colour schemes.

What we Stock

Flowers and Shrubs

From petite, dainty alpines, to voluptuous, bright blooms, we offer a great selection of flowers to bring colour to your beds, pots and hanging baskets.

In addition to colour, many flowers and shrubs add scent to your garden, brush past a Viburnum, Lilac or Plumeria shrub and you’ll see what we mean. If you wish to develop a wildlife-friendly garden, a mix of flowers will help to attract pollinating bees and beautiful butterflies.

Hedges and Trees

Landscape Matters stocks British-grown trees and hedges. We are committed to quality and are proud to be a trusted supplier for Aylesbury Vale District Council, the local Wildlife Trust and National Trust. We can meet the requirements of commercial contracts, as well as the public.

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Bare Root Hedge and Tree Stockist to help create beautiful outdoor spaces

Bare root hedges and trees are supplied between November and April (the dormant season) when they can be lifted, transported and replanted with minimal impact.

Without the confinements of a pot, bare root plants are naturally stronger, more resilient and quicker to get established once re-planted. Bare root hedges and trees offer great value and are lightweight to transport.

More info? Call us on: 01296 770111

Bare Root plants and shrubs

Available from November until April, our top-quality British, field grown native hedging plants originate from native sourced seed, where possible, or are produced in the form of hardwood cuttings from British grown plants.

A bare root transplant is the most efficient way of ordering planting material; no pot, no peat, no heat, just plants in their basic form produced outdoors, hardy as nature intended.

Specifying transplants in the height range 30cm through to 100cm allows planting of material easy to handle and carry to a site, quick to plant and on most sites, not requiring expensive staking.
In most cases, a 2-year-old plant 40-60cm or 60-80cm height is the best choice, and a 1+1 transplant (1-year seedling lined out for 1 further year) is the staple norm.

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Bare Root guide to plant age

You may see some cryptic codes when browsing bare root plants prices.  The guide below explains what these codes mean.

1+0       1-year seedling
1u1      1-year seedling undercut and grown in situ for 1 further year
1+1       1-year seedling lined out for 1 further year
1+2       1-year seedling lined out for 2 further years
Fthd     A young feathered tree
0/1       1-year hardwood cutting

Comparing Bare Root plant prices

If you are comparing prices with other suppliers make sure that you are comparing like-for-like.  Check how old the plant is as a 1 year old plant will be cheaper than a 2+ year old plant.  If you are unsure or have any questions then give us a call and well be happy to help you.

More info? Call us on: 01296 770111

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Garden Planting Advice Speak to us for creative ideas

If you need any planting advice, ask a member of our garden nursery team. They are on hand to answer your gardening questions, such as which flowers and shrubs are suited to full sun, partial shade or full shade areas of your garden. Equally, if you need a hand loading bags of compost or plants into your vehicle, just ask one of the team.

Our garden nursery stock changes throughout the year, so come along and see what we have on offer. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we’ll endeavour to order it in.

Compost and Soil

In order to thrive, plants need nutrient rich soil. With over 150 years of experience, and a reputation for quality, Durstons is our brand of choice. Our stock of high-quality growing mediums includes:

  • Multi-purpose composts
  • Rose, tree and Shrub compost
  • Ericaceous Compost
  • Tub and Basket Compost
  • Enriched Top Soil
  • Farmyard Manure

Why Landscape Matters?

We are committed to providing plants that have been grown in favourable conditions using nutrient rich soils. As an independent garden nursery, we are willing to adapt our supplies to meet the requirements of customers.

We can also order smaller volumes of stock, which gives us access to more unusual plants that you may find in mainstream garden centres.

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